Monday, September 24, 2007

well, no word yet

Welcome to our first entry of our first blog! This is exciting! We created this place for those of you who are curious about our adventures in the peace corps and like to stay posted on the different illnesses we may get and chicken bus happonings. This may be easier for us than emailing everybody, so if you have comments, please post them we will want to hear from you!

kory and I have all of our paperwork in the peace corps. every t crossed and i dotted. so we are just waiting to hear from them. Until we get our assignment letter, we do not know exactly which country in central america we are going to, or exactly when we are leaving. So, we are waiting for that very important letter in the mail!

well. its only september. So while we are in the US, you may be interested in our stellar halloween goings on, which is what occupies our current time. Drive by and see our house after the 29th!

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Abbey F said...

Yea! What a great idea. I added you to my feed reader and look forward to updates.