Friday, March 28, 2008

Things I miss

This is Kory.  Things I miss:

bare feet, painting, "pizza-in-the-park" (lunch with friends), kitchen sinks, cold drinks, cold anything, cooking, baking bread, water fights, kayaking, hot showers, showers, running water, movies on the couch, domestic dogs, reading, driving, being unpacked ever, carpet (never thought I'd say that), communication, garbage cans, littering fines, swamp coolers, talking about stuff that matters (besides the weather and semana santa of course), being clean, grass, a clear separation between inside and outside, listening to music at sub-atomic levels, tap water, three-inch sewage pipes, and game nights. 


Becky said...

Things you should be grateful to be away from: Snow, people who don't appreciate what they have, shallow daily grind, lack of adventure, paying $15 for a basic meal, mental stagnance, being stuck in your comfort zone, being judged if you are dirty ;), driving in rush hour traffic, and walmart.

Nancy said...

Dear Heather and Kory:
I was on the phone with your Mom (Michelle) and asked about you. She is so happy and proud of the both of you!
She told be about your blog. What a wonderful experience you have and will enjoy! I loved the "Things I miss". It is so true. But you will see that in a flash, your time will be completed and you will be returning to the US. SO: enjoy each new day, serve with a smile and be grateful for each opportunity to stretch a little more. God bless you as you serve His children!
I'm so happy for you!
Nancy Waterfall

Megan and Ben said...

Yeah! I am so glad to hear you are living your dreams of the Peace Corps. Good for you both. I have enjoyed your blog entries and the singing made me smile! Take care of each other and have fun. What a great opportunity Can you have visitors? Really, I am serious.
Megan Waterfall Wallace

Srishti said...

Things I miss...
Kory's paintings :)
take Care you guys