Sunday, July 13, 2008

sometimes we are tired of nicaragua

Well. theres some rain here. I am sick again with a bladder infection. If ANYBODY knows of any supersecret preventative MEDICINE (As I am already taking all the regular precautions that need not be mentioned over the blog) I would appreciate it. I have now had four and Im really sick of it. Brett, how much cipro can you take in a day? Im at 500mg bid. I did recover from my diarrhea.. no I cant spell it. More cirpo. Im kindof down on Nicaragua today so I will keep my blog short. Dont worry, we are bound to feel this way sometimes. Our work is going a little slow. Did I mention the rain and the bladder infection?, sometimes we feel like we cant speak spanish at all. BUT we did have a fabulous youth promotores meeting. I dont feel like adding any pictures today and its time to catch my bus so I will add them next time and tell you all about it. I just didnt want to disappoint any fans... hehe. Well, I love you all! Em, congratulations! I wish I could be there and I really hope you send me some pictures either digital or snailmail. Ang and Mind, I will email you next time! Well! Tooooooooddddaaaaaloooooooooooo. Sorry this is the most lame blog entry we have yet to date. Kory wants to add something.

Foo for thought:
Kung foo
Foo Fighters
Pitty da foo
ni fu ni fa


SrishtiArt said...

Hi Heather,
I find that Cranberry extract is really good for bladder infections. And it's natural... or you can't really tale too much... as it's just cranberries... maybe I'll add it to the package as I might be sending you guys some spices.

Hang in there....
Take CAre

M. Douglas said...

In my little experience, the language comes and goes. Even my mother, who is native, struggles occasionally. We wish the best for you.

Mario and Wendy

spintzdee said...

Hey, sorry to hear you're so down. I ran into your mama the other day and that was fun to talk to her again, It's been forever!

Brett Tassone said...

I agree with the cranberry extract, also juice. Cipro 500 twice daily is pretty standard. I sent you and email with more details


Em said...

Thanks Heed! We're excited. Wish you could be there too. I hope Becky is able to come.

Oye, bladder infections are miserable. I imagine they are even more miserable in a foreign country. One thing that can really help is raw garlic. It probably wouldn't be Kory's favorite prescription, cuz that shizz comes through your pores like nobody's bidness and can stink up a room. Maybe he likes garlic enough that it wouldn't matter. I'm talkin' like 4-6 cloves a day. Mush 'em up and put them on bread or stir in with rice and beans, since those seem to be your staple down there. Is garlic available to you? It would keep really well and for quite a long time if I get it fresh from Farmer's Market. I can send you a bunch if you'd like.

Of course the other thing is lots and lots of water. At least half of your body weight in ounces. Don't imagine you have the ability to purify your water, do ya?

Trey just had to have his appendix removed. Poor little guy. He was in pain for 3 days before the doctors decided it was probably appendicitis. He's healing well though and will be climbing trees in no time.

What else? Oh, we're going on a mini-honeymoon in Colorado. We're gonna stay in a yurt in Colorado National Forest. It is a mile hike in, totally secluded and quiet. On the way home we're staying a night in a actual hotel (cuz showers are nice) in Steamboat Springs. It will be nice to get away. Things have been rather hectic.

Chin up! You got lots of love coming from here. Hope ya'll feel it all the way down there.


Megs said...

D-mannose is a simple sugar found in cranberries, bluberries, apples, peaches, oranges and many other plants or can be purchased as a supplement. It acts like a magnet to attract the bacteria away form the bladder wall and flushes it out when you pee. Apple cider vinegar is also supposed to work miracles! good luck! I've felt your pain :(

Anonymous said...

Not just any apple cider vinegar - get that unfiltered stuff "with the mother" (I promise that's what's on the packaging) - Bragg's unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar. Love the stuff. Hopefully you'll be all better by the time you read this next week, anyway! Hang in there - you will love these memories in your later years together (we're jealous)! xoxo Don & Lizabeth

Christina said...

Hello Heather. I am not sure if you will remember but this is Christina Olsen (was Holmes). Anyway I got this blog inadvertantly and I was pleasantly surprised to see what you have been up to! (even if it is a bit stockerish of me!)
Anyway I just thought I would say hello!