Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, I hadn´t checked their blog for a while, but I was sitting at the computer and had already deleted the junk mail from all three of my email addresses, so I thought I would have a look and see what was new in Nicaragua. I typed in their obnoxiously long blog address (three times because I miss-typed one letter of like 40, twice)...reminded myself to bookmark it so I don´t ever have to type it again, and waited. Finally the page opened and low and behold there was a new entry. I could tell right away that Kory wrote the entry (even though he usually leaves the heavy writing to Heather) because he never starts his blog entries with things like "Well, I hadn´t..." Anyway, this is what was on their blog:

The first picture was a little bit strange. I expected to see photos of pregnant people or jungle plants. Instead it was somekind of construction equipment on a dusty street. I assumed it was Kory and Heather´s street, but I hardly recognized it for all of the construction and dust. He said that the government was working on developing the street. I guess down there they just start tearing things up and mixing cement in the street. They leave the bricks all over the place and people sneak out and steal them while the workers are on lunch. It is strange how people try to develop their country while consistently shooting themselves in the feet. I don´t know how those two deal with it. Kory said that they are pouring a sidewalk that will cover half of their front gate, which means they will have to open it inward and will have neighborhood kids level with the kitchen window. Sounds fun.

He was somehow able to avoid mentioning the fried macintosh that has put an abrupt halt to their work on the Familias Mejoradas project. It must be really hard for Kory not to gloat over Heather about how Macs "never crash or have problems." He´s a bigger man than I. To be quite honest I was hoping to see a picture of Kory unleashing all of his fury and throwing the bloody thing out into the street, right into the cement mix where it could be a semi permanent addition to barrio Las Colinas ( I say semi-permanent because apparently the cement that is mixed on the dirt of the street is not very stable and will likely deteriorate before the paving stones are laid in the street.

Then there were some pictures of them on a journey to visit the farm of a friend out in a community called la Esperanza. It looked like fun. I bet it reminded Heather of Woodruff, except that there were banana trees. There were even some shots of La Dalia from a distance. In one of them I think Heather was supposed to be pointing to about where their house is. Kory told the story of how when they got there, there was a big sow, or mother pig, in the process of giving birth. She had already dropped two little piglets and had three more stuck in the uteris and couldn´t get them out. Doña Isabel, a nurse from the health center wrapped a plastic bag over her hand and went in. I will spare the gory details but the effort failed, (even after she tried it without a bag) and pig and its babies were condemned to death. They eventually decided to bottle feed the two that had come out and try to save them. Knowing Heather, I´m sure she had a part in the lobbying effort. Afterwards they helped to extract the rusty seeds of ajoche from the pods. A messy work. Kory played some cards with the boys and that was that.

He mentioned something about Easter and an Easter egg hunt he sent Heather on and that was the end of the entry. Pretty boring as far as blog entries go, but since I was sitting there at my computer, which works, in a developed country thinking about all of the stuff I could buy for myself, I felt obligated to have a look and at least give it a read. I like to see what they´re up to anyway. I bet they sure miss their friends and family sometimes and it made me think: maybe I should get my friends and or family together tonight and order a pizza or something, because we can.

Anyway, I hope next time I check out the amazing adventures of Kory and Heather, Heather writes the update. Something nice about pregnant women and church activities...


Matt said...

While waiting in line to use the public computer at the 3rd world internet cafe, I decided that when it was my turn, I'd not just check my email, but take the extra half hour to open up my blogspot page and see if anyone had commented. Hardly worth the effort, just one lousy comment from Matt, who I barely hear from except in little snippets every other month. I know he wishes he would write more, or send a package with cool stuff that I hadn't even thought about getting, but he's stuck under the everyday pressures of living in america with bills and mortgages and family and church obligations. Keeping up on house and car maintenance and repairs with a moment here and there for things he actually enjoys it what he says keeps him so tied up from day to day. It's actually really unlike him to leave such a lenghty comment like this... shouldn't he have just sent an email? I bet he thinks about just forgeting everything and buying plane tickets to Nicaragua to visit us down here in this beautiful hole that we've come to love (and hate at times). He mentioned something about haveing to pay Three Large to get a new engine and clutch in his truck and how the economy wasn't really helping his situation. But still, things at home seemed pretty good and he's happy and plugging away at little projects. So I guess we'll see if him and Brooke make it down here sometime, It'd sure put a huge hightlight on this whole experience, getting to share the things we've seen and learned with such adventurous and intelligent friends as them. Maybe I'll check out his blog and see what trivial activities he's been up to... if he's even taken the time to write a new post. Probably hasn't.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather and Kory,

I sent you guys a fax tonight and just wanted to let you know you have 3 new fans here in Stanley, Kentucky. Will write more later. At work now and they are calling. JC White