Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Anarchy

Well what do you do on halloween, your favorite holiday, when everybody in the village thinks its a satanic holiday, and they are also spreading rumors that Mormons drink blood and worship satan? Well. you make a delightful scary breakfast for your wife, you take advantage of your english classes need to learn about culture in the united states and you throw a very quiet party. So kory told his english class to dress up and they arranged all kinds of treats and games. We watched some black and white movies and bobbed for mandarin oranges. It was a great time. But the anarchy came the night before. When having recieved countless plastic fangs and spider rings from our family, we decided that it would never do to pass them out, thanks to the above named reasons, so we thought it would be rather father christmasish to walk around the night before and sprinkle them all over in the streets. Then on all hallows eve, all the children would be helping us celebrate, when they woke and found such strange objects. Surely they would figure out what they were! So that is what we did. A humble but respectable halloween.

Also, the response to the service entry and related blog has been very disappointing.

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