Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, the long anticipated Peace Corps assignment has arrived and it is decreed that we will be moving to Nicaragua on January 10, 2007. We will be in training in Managua for 11 weeks, then we will be moving to our site. This could be any number of small villages in the country, but we will not find out until our training is over. When we arrive at our "post" we will be Community Health Care Promoters. Here the three major roles our job will encompass (as laid out in out manual):

1. direct education to community members (such as mother's groups, adolescent groups, and school children) about preventative health practices;
2. facilitate and organize health groups to facilitate (our) role in the training of health promoters (for example, health advisory committees, community health assesment teams, women's groups, mothers' groups, community-based birthing homes, and adolescent groups); and
3. training of youth, volunteer community health promoters, and midwives in non-formal education techniques directed towards the reduction of unwanted pregnancies, healthy sexual practices, and improved maternal and child health.

Of course that is only a loose overview. Our actual work will entail many diferent projects, some including gardening, (yeah).
Here is a link to some information on Nicaragua:

The above picture is of the Corn Islands where pirates used to hang out and where we will go when people come to visit us (hint hint). And here is a map of Nicaragua. The count-down is on so you all better get as much Heather and Kory as you can handle in the next month and a half!!!


Rita Bunch said...

Wow, wow, wow! We are so excited for you AND for everyone in Nicaragua who will get to meet you two. We wish you the best. You are our heroes!

T said...

Seriously, wow! I'm so proud of you two, you have no idea. I can't wait to read about Nicaragua, to see pics and your amazing stories. Thanks for being fantastic people =)

T said...

Uhh, well, T = Tim. I'm still new to this blogger bit. So, umm, yeah. Congrats again. From T = Tim.

Srishti said...

Nicaragua looks gorgeous!!!
I am sure you guys will have lots of fun!
All the best