Sunday, December 9, 2007

Changes. Help needed.....

Since we last blogged we have had some changes. We now have to report to Washington D.C. for "staging" on January 7th, instead of on January 10 as previously thought.

Also they have denied Heathers application for a government passport because they had already issued me one when I went to Honduras and cannot find it. What does this mean you might ask? Well, it could mean that they will not let us go to Nicaragua on the assigned date. It could mean that it takes them another little while to figure out and we would have to hang around the country almost jobless, careless and live in someones basement for another 3-6 months until we can get another assignment. That is the worst case scenario. Having said that.. we need all of your prayers and/or positive thoughts and energy towards the government issuing Heather another passport as soon as possible, that we can continue to make plans to leave.

Also, we need support in selling our car since this is a difficult time of year to sell. If you know of ANYONE who might be interested please let us know. Here are the specs:

Green 1998 Honda Civic EX (Power locks, sunroof)

-Manual Transmission
-body is in great shape
-Paint is in great shape
-has a custom CD player
-Has also had the oil changed religiously every 3000 miles
(don't misinterpret the reflection of the snow in this image for side paint or damage)

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