Monday, October 6, 2008

Voting time

I wanted to put in a plug for the elections coming up. I want to say that it is IMPERITIVE that americans REALLY know who they are voting for. This is not a time to go on what people tell you or other peoples thoughts. Please take the time to KNOW THE ISSUES. After all, we are not voting for a religion or a race, or an age, we are voting on the issues.. at least I hope we are. I have taken the time to research the issues that can be found on the following links. If I can do this in a foreign, developing country with mediocre access to electricity, then you all who have internet in your homes can too.

PS, Kory and I have decided that if Barak wins the election I will be coming home for thanksgiving as well, if McCain wins... I may not come back ever. I think I will stick it out with Daniel. .. Not to sway your vote or anything.


Brett Tassone said...

I nearly pissed myself when I read your P.S. comment, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you make it home for thanksgiving!!!!


Matt said...

I'd like to put a plug in for not voting for either of these lying, self-serving scumbags. peace and much love.

Jason and Jessica said...

I agree with Mateo. To me, we have no candidate worthy to be called the President of the greatest country on earth. They are all empty suits with no substance, morals or backbones.