Sunday, September 28, 2008

Frolicking Sandanistas and Marching Band Wonders

Well, the last two weeks have been full of all kinds of sandanista fun. The mayoral elections are underway so the parties are getting together for parades and such.. well, so far we have only seen the sandanistas. They fill up al kinds o fcars with people and drive around. Nothing more organized. In matagalpa they got poured on. While I was in managua, two kids got hit about five feet from our front door by a driver that drove off. The boys both had head injuries and were picked up and ran to the health center where they were wrapped up and sent home without any long term observation.. or even short term. It was really sad. Im not relating this to the sandanistas, only that people are driving around quite crazy.

We have never been so sick of marching bands, and really with reason. Ive never seen so many in my live put together. They LOVE them here! In out little town they only know one song or beat. There is actually one marching about 50 feet from me as I type here in matagalpa and its far more creative and they have several songs.

I thought I would throw in a few pics of our church and a Relief Society activity we did. Here is the gymnasium. The building is incredibly beautiful by nicaraguan standards. But some things are wacky. Like last sundy just as the president got up to conduct the meeting a ceiling tile covering the lights fell unexepectadly and landed on brother Guillermo. Sad.

We were asked to sew some baptismal clothing. We had no pattern, which isnt strange here. They dont sell them, people just make them up. So the lady on the right came and just cut this dress out and the rest were learning how to do it. So thats how you learn to sew. Done. Taught. My job is done. I will come home. Just kidding
I wanted to tell Anna HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Adriana got a 2 bunny rabbits which live in her house, she says happy birthday too! I love you soo much! Aunt becky sent me a video of your campout at her house that i will watch soon. I love you all!


The Fluckigers said...

Hey we have tried to call over and over again and we can't get through. Try to call again when you get a chance.


Megs said...

Looks like fun!

Brooke said...

I love the picture of the dancing ladies in black & white. You guys live in a crazy place. Hope you are both well.

The Fluckigers said...

Forgot to mention if you need a place to stay in November we would love to have you! We can't wait to see you, wish Heather was coming too we could have a fun game night ha ha ha! Talk to you soon

The Fluckgiers