Sunday, November 23, 2008

home sweet home, from heather

Hello all, I would first like to apologize for not having pictures, our card reader was ripped out of the computer and ruined. We were foiled by our own efforts not to forget the reader and leave it at an internet cafe. BUT, luckily we are here on american soil. Utah. Frost, brown, family. SUV's, cars, wide paved street. No potholes. Mormans. Weddings. Family again. Food. Thanksgiving. Good smells, good hot chocolate. Moms. Sisters. Pedicures. Nieces and nephews. English. Friends. And its like we never left. Like that little cement house somewhere in central america where kids are constantly peering in our window and giant cucarachas navigate the dark, is all a dream. We feel quite disconected from it all. Its as strange as we imaged it to be, but perhaps we will be renewed and ready to work "nuevamente". Holy cow i cant spell in spanish here. Wierd. Well. I will add more pictures later. love heather


ben said...

Hi guys, love to see ya, gimmie a call or post some way to contact.

SrishtiArt said...

Welcome home :)