Friday, November 28, 2008


Home.. Do I mean Utah or Nicaragua? Im not really sure myself. All I know is that we were there and now we are here. Safely back in Nicaragua after visiting home for a gluttonous week of nothing but food and family. We are fat.. well, some of us are, and here that is a complement. Anyway! We wanted to say a special thank you to all of those who helped us out, lent us a car, came to visit us or stayed up late with us. We are VERY sorry that we didnt get to Gramercy... so sad, but we were pretty packed. Dont think we dont love you gramercy peops.. we do!

Sorry that this is the only photo. there were many many many mishaps with discs and computers. We are not acustomed to all this equiptment and technology, so we had a frustrating week that way, but are glad to have had access.

Well, we will hopefully be starting two murals this week, making progress on our national HIV/ training at the army bases, progress on our national casa materna charla project which heather has temporarily named "Charlitas Listas" (ready made discussions), and starting a community bank with a group of women in a rural community. A community bank is when the people get together and save money every month for a series of 6 or 12 months, and they borrow the money and pay it back with interest, and then they all divide the interest at the end of the period. They learn about saving, about the strength of community and gain access to funds that they would otherwise never have access too. We are just learning about it ourselves and have to teach it! Yikes! Well. Thats the lowdown. We would like to


The Fluckigers said...

We already miss you. The kids talk about you everyday. We will try harder to write and send pics. Thanks for the good times. Love all of us, kris, Robin, and kids

Matt said...

Thanks for spending some time with us while you were here. We feel very lucky and blessed to have you as friends. The years will pass and we'll all live our own lives but lets stay connected as it happens.

By the way Kory, I did finally figure out that game, we were totally playing wrong... it's way more fun now.

Milieu Reality Ere said...

It was so good seeing you two. You experience thus far has been fascinating. I admire you both a great deal. . .even more now that I've learned more in depth info on what things are like down there. Lots of love to you both. - em