Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

The Night Before Navidad

Twas the night before Navidad,

all through the house
all the creatures were stirring,
whether cockroach or mouse.

The stockings were hung
on the whiteboard with care
with the dry-erase fire
warming them there.

The Midnight Misa,
which started at eight
didn’t start ‘til nine thirty
‘cause the Nicas were late.

The children were busy
with bombs in the street
while the neighbors were boiling
frijoles and meat.

The rain coming down,
pounding the zinc,
made the roof much too slipp’ry
for Santa, you’d think.

But here Santa uses
his red moto-sleigh.
(It’s got an 8-reindeer pow’r
turbo engine, they say.)

He filled up the stockings
with chocolates and fruit
and left ‘neath the 12 inch tree
the other loot:

A carving knife, fireworks,
cookies and pears,
a ponytail holder
she actually wears.

But the white paper sprinkles
that covered the floor
reminded of home,
friends and family, and more.

So we want you to know
that you’re all in out hearts.
Merry Christmas to all!

(…and avoid the Wal-Marts)

-Love, Kory and Heather


The Fluckigers said...

Bravo Bravo. That was a fun read. Thanks and hope you have a Happy New Year!!

Matt said...

So it's almost over... 2008 that is. December has been a blur. Thanks for thinkin' of me on my birthday. We had a great Christmas here and are looking forward to a fantastice 2009. Maybe if I could make a little money we will see you in Costa Rica, or in Nicaragra, or somewhere. Played another sweet game last night!