Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Years Dinamite!

>Sorry it took us soooo long to write about our new years experience. We have been super busy trying to get some projects done before the big vacation. But here it is. We spent new years eve.. working, but we also were invited to our neighbors house (the one with all the kids, that are pretty much our best friends) and we helped them make their “viejo”. Let me explain this tradition. They make an old man, who represents the old year, out of old clothes and stuff it with dry banana leaves, paper, fabric scraps and basically whatever they can possibly get their hands on. They also buy tons of fire crackers and stuff it full of those suckers. Now, these aren’t your sissy-crackers that you buy in the states.. even in Wyoming. These are nigh on dynamite sticks. They do not mess around here. This fire cracker thing has given us ulcers because all the kids in the street buy them and do all manner of stupid thing with them and there is absolutely no supervision. So.. though there was adult supervision, this night.. we were scared of dynamite. It turned out to be not as A-bombish as we had imagined (you know how anal retentive Americans can be because we are used to all manner of rules and laws). Anyway. Kory drew this wicked face for our Viejo! He was super creepy. Around 7 pm, the lights went out while we were watching a movie and we were soooooo tired, so we went to sleep and then woke up at 11:30 for the festivities. Everyone was out and it was super fun. We took a few traditional fake “passed out “ pics with him and set him ablaze. We really like this tradition and wish we could continue at home, but can you imagine burning ANYTHING in the states?!

Im sorry but Im out of time and cannot add any more photos because its painfully slow. Maybe later!

Also we have continued our work on the mural and have almost finished….. “Falta” a cow and a chicken and some logos. You can see here (never mind the saggy butt) that it is looking very nice. It should be done just in time for becky, or maybe she will help us finish it off.

In other news, nothing. Soooo, HAPPY 2009!


Srishti said...

That is a very cool tradition!!!I love the concept!
If you don't want any ulcers in India, don't go there during the month of Oct/Nov.
The biggest Holiday in India is Diwali which may fall during any of those months. It is celebrated by cleaning, worship, lighing(like one would decorate their house with lights during Christmas in the Stateds, ) and best of... blowing fire crackers... (Bombs, I mean ;P) The bigger, the louder, the better! You know what I am talking about... :D And it is super fun!

dbBen said...

I just looked at the picture for a while without reading the post. I was just going to leave you with a "q' diablos?"