Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Im afraid we´ve lost some fans....

Wow, its been like a month and a half since we last blogged. I think this has hurt our fan base. Seriously. We haven´t written because we haven´t been doing much since we got back from our trip. Let me correct that, we have been working our butts off, but just have been in the house a lot designing a project. We are very excited for the project. We are writing a curriculum of charlas to be taught in every casa materna in Nicaragua and then we are drawing them up into a complete package that will be printed on a plastic banner and sent to every single CM. We will also be doing training for all the CMs when they get printed. So we have finished only one so far, which is Reproductive Organs, and we are almost done with the second which is Pregnancy. Kory is drawing all day long because we have to make these charlas usable for people who cannot read. We have 11 to do in total and so we are going to be in the house a lot. I, heather, feel like such a flippin housewife. My job is to write the charla and decide what information is in it, but that takes a lot less time then drawing every single little thing. So I clean and cook a lot these days as well as other stuff, but it feels awful housewifey. .... We both prefer to be out and about but we are really excited for this project. We are also going to contact people in other central american countries who might be interested in doing the same for their Casas Maternas. Who knows.....
Anyway. We have also been busy with our church here as the missionaries have been coming and we are now 22 members. Here is a picture of our last meeting. It is really cool to be part of and we are very thankful for the opportunity to be living here.
We had the opportunity to give a charla on medicinal plants to the new group coming in. The problem is we didn´t know that much about them, so they sent us to a training up north at a NGO who works with medicinal and tradicional plants. We made ginger cough syrup, eucolyptus tea, chamomile soap, and this is called a cataplasma, which is the boiled left overs from making tea. You make it into a little pancake that you put on your head if you have a headache or other part of the body. She surprised me by putting it on my head before I knew what was happening. I had the camera and shot this. It was actually extremly delightful and made me sleepy. Now this saturday we will be doing this training for all the new health volunteers in managua.

Anyway. on another note. Things have changed here for us. We no longer feel like we NEED anything, we feel very content and feel like we belong here. Its funny how one goes in stages. In november when we went home, we were feeling a lot of hate and frustration. Now we feel pretty much like we belong here and that our time is really short and we want to make the best use of it. We are thinking about what it will be like for us to come home. Even though we are not doing anything about it of course. Anyway. Having said that. We feel that everyone else is quite used to us being away too and thus have not sent us any chocolate lately. Our christmas stores are wearing down and we have only a few hershey kisses left. So if you have it in your hearts to send us some easter chocolate. We would be very grateful. We will also try to be better about blogging. Sorry. We love you all! Love heather and kory


Srishti said...

Oh no... you haven't lost your fan-base!!! We still love and remember you :D
It's very amazing that you are doing this project! And Kory is doing all the drawings!!! WoW! I am sure they are "frigging" amazing!
I wish I could see them!!!

Life is so so busy here!
I am starting a small watercolor class and have a few people signed up! I am quite nervous and excited aboutit at the same time!
Lots of love to you both!

Matt said...

Wrong. we aren't used to you being gone. Still think about hanging out with you and then realize we can't cause you live in friggin' Nicaragua. Glad that you are content and happy with what you are doing though. I don't care what my friends do, just please be happy. Me and Ben still need to send those neck ties, we talk about it everytime we're together. anyway... love and miss you.

Becca said...

I'm a freakin' house wife! :) I like it though. Maybe next time your doing housewifey things you can think of me and your plants. :) They are still growing, Ben has the job of watering them and he does quite well at it.
Sure do love you guys and miss you ya know. You're doing good work, it's nice to hear about it.

Seth Dani & kaylie said...

I miss you guys . :(