Monday, March 23, 2009


So I had saint pattys day marked on my calander and we even talked about it in ¨Family Counsil¨ two days before, ... and then we forgot. I realized two days later and was pretty sad. BUT we have had our decorations up (thanks to mom) for the whole month. I just miss this holiday in Utah because it means spring is coming and it feels sooooooo incredible. Here. Just another day. Oh well. We skipped over it because we had a meeting with our Charlas group in which we presented our design for the first time. Besides that we didnt have the right cord for between our mac and their projector, and that the computer rejected reading the file half way through the second one and we were very late getting back to our site.. all went well. We felt very overwhelmed when we left, but feel better now.

We have photographing women in the Casa Materna doing things that we will put on on our posters and kory draws them. So this is a picture of a women getting a prenatal check in the casa materna from a doctor from the health center. We didnt use this image exactly but its cute. I (heather) had to pose for the reference photos that we OBVIOUSLY couldnt ask a pregnant women to do like, seizures on the floor, constipation (that one is really funny), carrying heavy loads, sore breasts, and bathing. It has been a good time. But your just going to have to imagine me doing these things... or maybe we will put the drawing .. they are pretty funny. We had to make me look like a nica of course.
The other day I looked out the window to see Don Enecifero (98 years old) in the tree hacking down branches with his machete. When I went out to watch him, he made the this funnies laugh. He is such a funny guy. I will really miss him!
Our friends matt and jess visited us from Madriz. We decided to go the Natural reserve Peñas Blancas which is this huge beautiful mountain. They wanted to charge us 20 dollers EACH for a guide to take us up the mountain, so we had to decline, but its super beautiful, maybe we will save our money and do it some other time.
We had a little picnic while waiting for a bus to stop.This is a coffee field behind us.
Rachel sent us some Clifford the Big Red Dog books and I wanted to let her know that our neighbor kids LOVE to read them! This is two of them reading them for the second time in front of our house. The first time there was 5 kids fighting over them. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you at home that support our projects and that send stuff for the people here. It is really cool. My mom especially puts a great effort into this. We were making a list of things we needed for our church, thinking we would have the missionaries buy it in managua for us if possible, and my mom called RIGHT THEN and said she was mailing a package for us. What did she send you ask? Only every single thing we had on the list! We will be sure to let people know that it wasnt us who bought these things or donated them. We will be writing your names in the books when we give them away. I just wanted to let you all know that you are making a difference. We love you very much! Love heather (and kory in spirit who is designing right this moment).