Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

I am sure that many of you have been wondering how Heather and I stay in such great shape in the Third World. Especially as vegetarians in the second poorest country in the hemisphere (yes, that means this half of the planet Earth). First of all, being vegetarian is cheaper and healthier than eating meat here and all Nicaraguans could benefit from a little less cerdo and a little more repollo. However, the real secret lies in this simple new recipe happened upon by Heather. Banana Maple Chocolate Tacos. Here´s how it works.

What you need:
Chocolate pancakes (pancakes, cocoa)
Homemade maple syrup (as if there were other kinds)



Erin said...

man, the best recipe i ever came up with was mashed potatoes...

Matt said...

I'd eat two or three of those... I think i'm hungry, hmmmmm I don't have any bananas or cocoa, or syrup... guess I'll have some cheetos.

Kory said...

I forgot to add peanut butter from the list. Absolutely essential.