Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Regina- a tribute to my mother.

So since people here don't sew with patterns, I decided to try to it. My mother taught me to sew when I was a very little girl. I even had this little miniature sewing machine that really worked. There is a little fabric store here in my town that reminds me of an old west mercantile shop. Every time I go in there, I find myself talking about my mother and how she had a fabric shop and how she taught me to sew. I always ask them if they will let me touch the fabrics because I cant know them only by sight. They must giggle when Evita comes to visit.

Anyhow, so remembering how patterns generally are, I went out into the world of sewing in Nicaragua, and I tore it up. I started hand sewing a shirt and decided that it would be WAAAAAAYYY easier if I had a machine. So, knowing that the Casa Materna had a machine (even though it was a manual) It MUUUUUSSST be easier than sewing by hand right?

So, the Regina is a machine that is extremly common here in nicaragua. There is a sewing machine, and an electric sewing machine. This is the sewing machine. Which, surprising is quite handy when the power goes out. So since everybody here, well, many people know how to use it, I figured I could too. I tried one of the machines and it was fregared, that is to say, NOT working very well. Then the midwife told me there was a newer one tucked away in the closet. So I drug it out and gave it a whirl. It took a while to figure it out, and a whole can of oil to the joints, and a visit from a lady in my church to get the stitches working right, and some work getting the rythm of the foot peddle, but I was teaching a class within a few days. Here I am showing the women in the CM how to use it. I sewed a dress this day and realized some technical errores in the pattern and may have to redo a part, but I was pretty pleased.

This is the first shirt I made. Most of it is sewn by hand, but it was finished on the regina. So... Thanks mom for showing me the way in the world of sewing. I think of you with every stitch.


Matt said...

Nice work heather. Now make me some short pants, it's getting hot here.

Becky said...

Heather, you always had such great creative skill. I feign to think what my shirt would have looked like....probably something like a potato sack with a hole cut in it. Very cute!!!

Mother Hen said...

Wow that makes me cry every time I read it. You did an amazing job on your shirt, and you look absolutely beautiful in it!

Srishti said...

Bravo!!!!! What a lovely shirt!