Monday, August 31, 2009

bright ideas

No you are not looking at one of korys weird paintings, he ACTUALLY did use our blender to make a new light fixture in our house. This sad sad blender. We saved our money .. or rather I was too tight to buy a good blender which costs about 800 cordobas, so we bought one that costed 350. It barely stirred the food. The motor caught on fire within the month while trying to blend COOKED BEANS! Can you believe it. So it was hanging out in the storage room that had a bad light socket. Kory did this in a few hours one day. Dang it he´s funny.

In work news, this is a nutrition charla I did in my house for my church womens group. We learned about good nutrition and then I taught them how to cook with vegetable, green leaves and soy beans. We made a delicious vegetable soup with yucca leaves and TVP, we made these little fried soy balls that were full of green leaves and onions and garlic (no cracks about deep fried things being unhealthy! You do what you can here. Baby steps) And we also used the soymilk to make banana smoothies (frescos). Yum!

No news about the cat. I heard 2 seperate roomers (how do you spell that) about where he was and I went looking, with no luck, Now I hear that someone named Doña Marta has him tied up in her house in Barrio San Martín. Marta better watch her back! I have looooottss of photos of that cat to prove he is half mine.

I also started a literacy group with my church womens group. It was really cool. I hope they hang in there for the 7 months we have left.


Srishti said...

Ha!!! You crack me up LOL :D

Becky said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lamp. Of all the things you bring home with you, I think this should be one of them. How cool would that be on your front porch???

Kory said...

umm. yeah, we have 1 bag each when we leave in which to carry the last two and a quarter years of our lives. The blender light stays. It stays.

M. Stans said...