Sunday, January 3, 2010

!Feliz Navidad!

Well, as you can see, we had a wonderful Christmas. I think the concensus is that it was much better than last year. We decided to do a Christmas Eve activity with our church, so Kory and I put together some ideas and this is what we came up with. We started off by gathering all kinds of stuff around the house that we won't want to take home. Little stuff. We wrapped it up with newspaper and painted a sacko red, attached a letter from Santa Clause in glitter with golden ribbon (sounds like no big whoop to us, but these are kids and adults who never never had a present given to them like this, especially from santa clause.) We spent the morning of Christmas eve making a sort of wasail that didnt use any apples because there are none here. We used pinapple, oranges and limes. Kory made a star that lit up with an old flashlight led piece, and some wings for an angel. Then we decorated the church with a manger. I (heather) had written a small play for the kids and we gathered all kinds of towels, pillow cases and old sheets, then we dressed them up. The poor little guys got really hot waiting for all their late parents to show up to the play. They did a great job, and Korys puppet narrated the whole evening. It was very cool. Then at the end, we sang here comes santa clause in english and we heard a "ho ho ho, feliz navidad" outside, and when we looked out, there was a big red sack full of gifts. But santa had written a very cool thing. he said we couldn't ask for the presents, we had to pick a present, unwrap it, and gift it to someone in the group that would want or need it. We got to go around several times, but by the end, nobody could help saying, "mememe! give it to me!", so we stopped the game. figures. But that doesnt mean we didnt have a great night. I don't think anybody liked wassail. They had never had hot drinks that were not coffee, and it was also, a really hot evening and because it had pineapple, which EVERYBODY knows, you should never eat after mid-day. So .. We still have quite a bit to drink. Kory loved it. But it was sooooo fun for us to prepare surprizes, which to me is the funnest part of christmas. So we went to bed with dreams of sugar plums dancing in our heads and we woke up and low, sant had visited us too!
Kory got a new hoodie and some SUPER cool jeans, mountain dew and doritos. Heather got a cute new jacket and a darling little necklace with a hand carved turtle in it. Kory also made me a little wooden turtle out of bamboo. Its on a stick and the legs move. Its very cute.
Now the thing that really made Christmas, the best, was the food. We decided to have lots of yummy food to graze on all day. We made homemade soynog, which was WAY better than the real eggnog I made last year.
Now lets see, we had vegetarian chicken salad sandwhiches, coconut burfi with chocolate, a VEGETALBE TRAY WITH RANCH dip!, chips and salsa with real mozzerella cheese, and homemade yogurt cheese with peppers and spices. It was AWESOME. The only problem was eating it all in one day, being that we were leaving for the Corn Islands the very next day. But we were very very blessed this christmas to feel the true spirit. So we hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS too!

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Becky said...

WOW! Looks like you had an awesome time! Looks like you put a LOT of work into that meal considering your resources. I think you had a funner christmas than I did. Can't wait to see you guys!