Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Before we start with pictures and fun, I would like to share that we have our plane tickets and we will be returning home on Friday the 26th of March at 830 pm! So get your party ready cause we want to see you ALLL!!!!

In other news, I will be paying the final payment to the contractor to finish the PARTNERSHIP project in 1 hour! He finished 1 week early and did a really great job! I am sooo incredibley pleased! One of the midwives said, ¨It feels like we are in a different country!¨ (That is a nice compliment considering that nothing is ¨pretty¨here.) I made a 7 hour trip yesterday to tell the lady at the nursery that we wanted plants. There is no cell phone reception up on the mountain and so I had to go and tell her in person. It was a trying day. I will have to make the trip again on the 2nd so I can pick up the $13 dollars in plants that was included in the project. (yikes) She asked me why I dont buy more so I could make the trip worth it, which miffed me. But what can you do. We are planning the inaguration of the project for the 4th of february and on the 3 we will spend all day baking breads to share at the party. I hope all works out nicely and that they are impressed by the breads enough to want to bake them and sell them. Thanks to all who donated. I will be sending or bringing home gifts for you from the women here. I just have to think of something cool to do. I will post more pics when we get more plants!
In other news at church our womens group had an activity where we learned to cut hair. I was worried that noone would come, and then the 1 sister I asked to come from Matagalpa and teach us, brought 4 other girls and we had a blast. Hardley anyone dared to try it out, but two of the young women here went right home and proceeded to give their sister a major haircut that was pretty bad. hehehe.
Also I taught the women in the casa materna to crochet the other day and when I came back on monday they had made a WHOLE bunch of little things! I was pretty excited!

ps, I got bit by a dog last week and forgot to mention it. It was all due to the maldito gato. Its probabley better that I did get bitten or my peacecorps service wouldnt be complete. Now I feel like I can come home. It wasnt too bad anyway.


Becky said...

WOW!!! I love the stones!!! It DOES look like a different country. The plants will be a nice addition.

Becky said...

oh ya!! YAY for plane tickets!!! How about a party saturday night? My house?

Becca said...

How exciting!!! You guys are coming home and your project looks WONDERFUL!! I can not imagine how good you must feel to see such progress.
ugh, sorry about that dog bite.

Megan and Ben said...

You are working so hard and documenting it all so well. Do you lay awake all night thinking of new plans? Good job K and H. They are going to miss you so much, as Im sure you will miss everyone there too.
I love all of the bright colors....so much life there, evident by the rich bright colors.
Thanks for the posts.
Oh, and Happy 31 Heather!!!

Brooke said...

It looks soooo goooood! I seriously love it, you guys are amazing and I am pretty much really excited for you to come home.

Srishti said...

Wow! this is exciting! Good Work guys! Congratulations! :D

Mother Hen said...

Needless to say, I am so very proud of you both and all that you have accomplished! This looks absolutely amazing!!!

Matt said...

I like that I was there and saw how crapy it was before you guys made into something beautiful. What a great mark to leave in your little community. Very very cool.