Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Host Family Goodbyes

We spent the weekend with our host families for the last time. Going back to Carazo is craziness. The difference in ones personality from when you first arrive in country, unable to speak, stunned at the way things are here, and returning after everything is completely normal, is difficult to explain. This time, instead of them showing us the ropes, and teaching us how to wash clothes and eat fruits, we were showing them how to build ovens and better their buisinesses. It was really rewarding to see our personal growth juxtaposed against itself and to remember the kindness of people who have looked after us.

Me in the pulpuria
Panchita- Mom
Me, grandma, mom, and cousin pedro
Marvin, Kory's mom and dad, Claudia and Javier

Kory and Javier making popcorn.


Srishti said...

OMG! Just 12 days.....
It must be too sad and too exciting all at the same time!
All the best guys!

Matt said...

Holly crap dude, your progress bar says 100% complete, that is crazy. Anyway, we'll see you on Friday, or Saturday for sure. And other times after that, heh, glad to have my friends around again.