Monday, January 14, 2008

Here we are... aspirantes oficiales!

Hola, Heather here. Kory is living in a different town and so I cannot write about his experience right now. I am living in a little town outside managua (with four other trainees) but we all live with different host families. My family consists of three women: A grandma Victoria, a mom Ana Francisca, and a 15 year old named Maria. It is a very sweet dynamic. The father was killed in an accident a long time ago, so we have found some similarities. There is also a little store in our house called a pulpuria. I have my own room with a toilet and shower, but the shower is just a pipe coming out of the wall, therefore I take bucket showers.

Today I got to see kory and where he lives by a happy accident. We were sharing a peace corps van ride to give stool samples because we have the runs. How sweet. He has a tiny kitten and an even tinier puppy at his house. He also has pigs and chickens and an avacodo tree. It seems fun. My family only has banana trees, but that is pretty cool.

Class is going well. Today we walked around the town and made a map of different things and then we were formally introduced to the police so they know us and where we live. This is a requirement for trainees in these little towns by the peace corps. It is good. I will see kory on wednesday.. my birthday! We are working hard and trying to learn as much as we can.

At night we (the other trainees) walk around with the 15 year old girls from our family and chat with other families and friends. Everyone has their door open and we can just chat. It is very tranquil here as is the way of life. We are getting used to this. We are going to start a youth group very soon in each town, so I will be working on that, as will kory in his town. We have plenty of youth friends here so far. There is a women in my group of trainees that is 66! She is great and then there is another girl and guy in their twenties. (This is just for your information).

Well. I of course do not have internet in my house, but there is a cybercafe at which I am typing now. But man is it slow. My family has a cell phone, but I do not know the number. After I get it you can call me. T asked if she should write me a letter, no. Internet is good, except if you can send us physical pictures that would be great. When we get our real assignment, we can negotiate again. This is where we will live for three months though. Well. I think its time for siesta. Hasta Luego!

PS B and T that sounds so crappy about the water gushing! Thanks for writing me! Its nice to hear from home. All of you who read this, please let us know what you are doing so we dont get homesick! Send us an email every once in a while. Mom, I hope you get feeling better. I lov you and hope you dont get bronchitus. I love you and miss you all!


Andrea SJ said...

Happy Birthday Heather! I'm so excited for your adventures there with Kory. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and I look forward to reading about your experiences over the following months.

alphadaddy said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like quite an adventure; it's great that you two were able to do this before getting too settled.

I hope all is well and that you are able to curb the runs soon.

Setha said...

Happy birthday heather have Kory get you an avocado from me. sounds like you guys are having a crazy good time. more crazy then good .... hope every thing stops coming out so runny ..

Matt & Brooke said...

I flippin love technology. I am so glad to know where you guys are and what you are doing. I miss you both. Happy Birthday Heather! Please keep the posts coming.