Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We are here!!!!

We have arrived in Nicaragua! Finally after the staging in DC, we flew in to Managua this morning. Staging was in Georgetown, DC. We thoroughly enjoyed it there. It was a way cute town. The people in our group are great and we are so excited about this! It just gts better and better. Staging was a lot of general information about safety and other cultural integration issues and some "get to know eachother" activities. We had to get up at 3 in the moring and our hotel checkout was at 4. We arrived in country at about 2 o clock Nica time. This keyboard is hard to use so please excuse the errors in punctuation. Our hotel here is beautiful! (by the standards of what we expected). They must be buttering us up for the real stuff. The food is great and there is a pool. The rooms are probably the nicest I have seen in Central America (limited experience). This hotel is directly across the street from the Managua airport. We started our in-country training today and have much more to do before the end of the week. (more shots, more info, more info, etc.) We will meet our host-families on Saturday afternoon and from there, Heather and I will be separated into separate families. However, we are in the same training group so we will be close and we will have technical instruction together at least once a week. Also, after five weeks we will be assigned to our post and from there, we will still live with separate families, but we will be working together.
Please know that we are being very well taken care of and we are extremely excited about this journey. We love you all and hope you write us while we are here. Training will go quickly and we will be integrating in no time.
We hope all is well back home and we will send pictures or post them when we can. We are not sure when we will have access to internet again, but all is well!
Please comment so we can have some feedback!


Abbey said...

I am so excited for you! When you are at your post do you get to see each other every day? Do you get to go to church? Are there any other couples? What is the weather like? And lastly, do you have a mailing address? Do we have to be careful about what we put in packages?
Take care! We love you!

zbandclan said...

Holy COW! Way cool you guys! We are so excited for you! I loved reading your post! It will be so much fun for us to follow your adventures through this blog! I am so glad you made one!
Sure love you guys and miss you already! (I keep looking for your cars out front. :))
Zach and Becca
P.S. You missed tons of snow! It turned into a neighborhood party cause we were all out shoveling! Oh the craziness!

CresceNet said...

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Kris, Robin and Kids said...

You are already missed and hope you are having a great time. Braxton sent you a letter but it was returned due to not enough postage. It will be put in the mail again Monday. You are in our prayers and with us each day as you are away. Take care and we love you lots!!