Monday, January 21, 2008

One week down, ten to go!!

Well, The first and hardest week has passed. I visited kory in his town this weekend and can now give you an update about both of us. First of all, My birthday was one of the funnest I have had. I got sung to 4 times and had cake three times. Peace corps trainers brought me a tres leche cake (for everyone of course), then my mom had made me a cake when I got home. It had pineapple in it. I got to see kory for the first time that day and my friends and I stayed up late playing cards with my family.

This is Mariaisamar, Ana Francisca and Victoria with my cake.
This is my house... pretty nice. And my friends here in this town.

This weekend I went to visit kory. I would say that the town he lives in is a little poorer than mine. We walked all over and found an artists house. It was so lovely. We decided we could really see ourselves here with our own place. Of course it is difficult to live with other people, but our families are wonderful. Korys dad left to work in costa rica for 3 months and the 15 year old (not pictures) will be off to college soon, so kory will be left with his nice mother and marvin, the 5 year old. We are both working very very hard at spanish. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, and then we went to our ward for church on sunday and couldnt understand jack! But it seems like a nice little ward. I am feeling down about spanish today.. monday, but that is normal. We have good days and bad days.

The world wide director of peace corps and the assistant director (not the assistant to the director .. hehe.) SHe came to my town to visit my little group so that was quite an honor. She said they had a meeting with the president (Danial Ortega) of nicaragua and that is was one of the best meetings with officials they had ever had. He was extremely warm and excited to have peace corps here. He gave the go ahead to all his cabinet to work with us.

So this was the food at the extremely nice restaurant that we were at here in nicaragua before we went to live with our families. MMMMMMMM.... but it is still very good. Just a little bland. My mother cooks fabulous stuff. Kory is not responding well to the cheese here, so he is now vegan for three months. Hehe.

Well. I am going to get an icecream with the other aspirantes. Hasta Luego!


Srishti said...

Wow, nice pictures guys! Happy Belated Birthday Heather!!!
Glad you guys are having so much fun!
Take Care

Jared and Shannon Allen Family said...

Happy Late Birthday Heather!

Just so you know- Kevin & Charlotte had their little girl on the 21st of January. Lily Marie Varble weighed 8lbs 8.5 oz and was 21 inches long. Charlotte was in labor for 3 days before she finally gave birth at 647pm on Monday the 21st.