Saturday, February 23, 2008

adventures indeed

Well. This last weekend we went with some of the youth in my town to a nearby river and went swimming. It was really pretty and we both got in the water. No we did not see any terrible bugs or snakes or anything.. thats kind of sad huh? Sorry that this picture is sideways. Im too tired to try to fix it. But its pretty sweet. Turn your head.
This week was a ton of work in spanish and technical stuff. We both did charlas in the school.

Heathers topic was self esteem, and Korys was garbage... well. the garbage problem. We both had peacecorps people from all over the world come and watch us.. pretty scary!

Our spanish is coming along. They are now doing all of our technical trainings in spanish and as long as they speak at a reasonable speed, we can understand. That is pretty exciting to us.

This week we also had our midtrainging language interviews and this coming week we will get to see how we have progressed.... we might not tell you all unless its good..
I have had a rough week witht he cucarachas in my room. I woke up one night to hear them rifling through my stuff like a heard of cattle. I got out of bed and found the little critter on my desk, and I couldnt do it. I could kill it. So i scared it off and tried to go to sleep. Sleep was not to come this night... They kept being so loud and I felt like they were going to sneak into bed with me. Now, these are not your standard utah roaches. These are bonafide south american cacaroaches about an inch and a half in length and scary as hell. You can hear them walking! Anyway, I definatley couldnt sleep so I got up and came eye to eye with my nemisis. There he was. Lurking around by the toilet. I had a big descision to make. I could kill it with my shoe.. which if you know me, wasnt really an option, I could leave it alone, or I could use the one cup I have in my possesion to catch him and decide later what to do. The thought of putting a cup that I would later have to place in my mouth on the floor by the toilet in this country was a heavy disuation, but I decided it had to be done. I caught him and left him under the cup til morning. The next morning I tried to explain to Panchita that I had a roach under a cup. You can imagine how confounded she was by this. I had to tell her I was scared to kill the roach, because I dont have the vocabulary yet to tell her that emotionally and ethicaly I could not kill a bug. BUT, I was ok with HER killing it because this is Nicaragua.. and THIS is WAR. She went to my room and in the process of stomping on this roach with great big exagerated stomping motions, she knocked over the poo basket on accident. Now for those of you who dont know what a poo basket is, I will explain. You cannot flush toilet paper here, so you put all your poopy toilet paper in the garbage. You can imagine my distain for this also, and especially that it went flying all over my floor. BUT, It was pretty amusing in a sad sort of way. ANYWAY, (kory just told me that he wanted seperate blogs because I wrote "poo basket," So I will say that this paragraph is the sole opinion of heather and was strongly contested by the spouse.)

Well, today we went to the Volcan Masaya. It was pretty sweet. It is one of the many active volcanoes here in Nicaragua. We literally stared into the face of death. I think I saw satan down there. Kory kept a pretty cool demeanor the whole time however.... as evidenced by this photo. It was pretty cool up there. But now we are sunburned. Fun. Well. We will be in Managua and Chinendega all next week learning about HIV-AIDS. So if you dont hear from us, dont frett, but im sure you will. We always find a way!

On friday we find out our sites!! THis will be terribly exciting, so we will keep you posted. Remember this will be our home for the next two years.

On a last note.. kory claims he found a three incher (roach) being eaten by some mice. I cannot say how or where this occured, or if its even true at all. PS. I still love my husband.


spintzdee said...

dude that's pretty insane. I've said it before and I'll say it guys are better people than am I. Keep postin these, it's fun to read.

Jared and Shannon Allen Family said...

I LOVE your blog. You really make me feel like I am right there with you. Thanks guys!!

Becky said...

I see nothing wrong whatsoever with the term "poo basket." Those of us who have travelled abroad know all about the infamous poo basket.

Srishti said...

:D :D :D
This is too funny!!!!
Thanks and all the best with the "one and a half" inchers!
Take Care


Yes, we all know about "poo baskets". I also say "Kill the roaches", we have them in Texas, you know, and they will leave big brown splotches on your clothes or anything that will never come off. Their posterity will make sure they don't become extinct.

Megs said...

I, for one, love the term "poo basket". We have a "poo bag" at our house where all of Tait's pooey diapers go. It's sort of the same concept, no?