Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sorry that I have not updated the blog lately or written anyone back. The email situation has been hurting lately. Im squeezing this one is as we speak. Things are going well with both of us, just about the same. The news is that we are going to visit volunteers this next week. We find out where in the country we are going tomarrow. No we are not going to the same place. It will be fun to see how a volunteer lives. We all changed teachers for the next three weeks and mine is a little more difficult to work with, but I am giving it my all.

Many of you have asked what our address is. I posted it on the blog before we left, so you just need to look back a few pages, but you can mail stuff to us at the following address (same)

Cuerpo de Paz
Hermana Heather McKinnon, PCT or Hermano Kory FLuckiger, PCT
Apartido Postal 3256
Managua, Nicaragua

Send everything in padded envelopes or regular ones, no boxes
Put religious things all over it please to ensure it gets here

Feel free at any time to send us pepper mint gum (in the big packs) (no geletine)
Seeds for garden
or anything else that you feel.

Well. I must go for today!

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