Saturday, February 9, 2008

off for volunteer visits this week

Kory and I are off starting tomarrow to visit volunteers in the northern part of the country. It is a time when we can see how volunteers live and work. We will be travelling seperatley and will not see each other this week until next friday. Bummer. But we have lots of homework to do with them and questions to ask and it will be a good change for us. We are working very hard during training, giving charlas to the health centers about all kinds of different topics, charlas to the primary schools, working with a youth group and doing a service project with them, going to meetings with peacecorp two days a week, studying spanish, discussing peace corps rules and hanging out with our families here in between. .. and sometimes getting sick.

I went for a run today and was sickened by a scene with some dogs. Sometimes I find that I am immune to all the things going on around me, and sometimes it really gets to me. I was on a bus last night and looked at the house and streets that are everywhere. The extreme poverty here is staggering, and yet I get immune to it at times. I feel a litte bit removed from it because my family has such nice living arrangements. But truley most of nicaragua is not this well off.

I changed the address from the last post, because I wrote Peace Corps instead of Cuerpo de Paz so take note.

The kinds of seeds that would be good for us to get are any herb, corn, tomatoes, peppers, .. really anything. even beens, squash, whatever!

Also, I have a plee. Please, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE do not send us forwarded emails. It really hurts when you wait for 5 minutes to open a page and it really is of little emotional value to me. We love you all and want to hear from you, but personal messages, not surveys or funny little things that someone else sent you. They are deleated anyway.

Also if you are emailing pictures, please size them down first to like less than 7 inches in pixel size. IT takes forever for us to open them.

Well. I will update again after the volunteer visit. We will be discussing our future sites when we get back, so that will be exciting. -heather

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Joanna said...

Hi Heather and Kory! I just came across your blog in my research on Nica! I just received my invitation kit and will be in Nica by May this year~I'd love to chat with you guys about life there and how I should best prep. Here's my email: