Monday, August 18, 2008


Well we finished our map project with the kids. We had a ¨Nica¨style party, that is to say, that the band never showed up, the mayer barely made it and the refreshement was quite strange. We asked for 5 two liter bottles of Big Cola, and some cakes. We got 70 glass bottles of soda and 70 sandwiches. Plus, true to nica style, you cant just set food out. Everyone has to sign for it and write there name. Here is a picture of that. Also, the other volunteer here in our site organized for the library to recieve all kinds of new books through some third organization so they were presented as well and they were gorgeous and rich in information. Some textbooks and kids books of lots of kinds. Good Job Sarah!
Well, the new ¨plague¨is upon us. (I say this because its like one kind of bug hatches and is all over the place, then they disappear and a new one comes along... not because they actually plague us). In this case it is giant moths, the kind uncle don used to raise when we were little, only now they dont scare me. This one was HUGE! Almost 8 1/2 inches!
This weekend was the aniversury of our municipality and all the organizations had booths out. We were at the casa materna booth all day..It was in my opinion sort of ¨slow¨ but kory enjoyed the day. I liked being out. I realized how many people we know. We went to a boxing match in the stadium we have. (Which is actually a huge stadium, but with very little seating) It was quite interesting as for one it was my first live boxing match, and two because it was interesting to watch how people bring this sort of event together with so little resources. We knew lots of people at the boxing match with was fun. Its very gratifying to walk around town and know the butcher the baker AND the candlestickmaker.. and the vegetable man. and everyone in between. I really like this about living here, the sense of connection to this community. I feel it much more so than I ever did in the states, but I think I will be much more involved in my community when I return.

These are some random pics of our town center. Dont you just love the GIANT Daniel Ortega sign next to the mayors office. They are all over the country so dont think our town is any more phenatical. Anyway, I think, as with all of Daniels photos, its rather flattering and handsome. Dont you?....
Here are the neighborhood kids peeking in our fence. I made granola this week and gave them a taste. They were very enamoured with it. Since here the only way they use oats is to make a drink like horchata, they really though thought it was grand. They kept saying, ¨¡Que rico, ud es buena cocinera, que rico!¨ Anyway, we quite enjoy them sometimes. Kory sewed a hacky sack out of beans and has decided to try to make the sport popular here so that our youth group can make them and sell them for funds. Its humorous to think we are trying to popularize a sport that we cannot play hardly at all, but kory went out and tryed to get it going. This was phase one. We started with these kids. I played for a while too, but they were very tiring. When you come from a culture where its dog eat dog, especially for children, its very hard to have them try a game where there are sooo many rules. (all 4 of them). They kept stomping on each others feet when it fell by them so they could be the one to kick it, and fell in the dirty water ditch at least 4 times. But it was a good time.

Well all, thats about it. we are pretty good here. besides kory having a little flu, we have been quite healthy this month. Im even ¨echando carnita¨or in english.. getting fat again. bummer.

You will all notice that I have added a section about the casa matera. Instead of sending packages to us, maybe you can get a group of people together to do a collection for this cause. IOf you have interest in doing this, please contact one of us first and we can coordinate with you for how much and what. Well. Keep writing to us and commenting on the blog. We love you and appre


spintzdee said...

You should try and popularize freestyle walking while you're at it! You must give me credit however.

Milieu Reality Ere said...

Yay! We have a blog too. Now I'm one of the cool kids. Finally.

Love ya'll!


Megan and Ben said...

I loved the entry. SO good to hear how you are doing and to hear that you have found as sense of belonging. Cool.
take care guys-