Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well, we finally got back on the blog. This is a very hot internet cafe too. Hot.

What is new... for starters, I (Kory) am going to come home in November for a short visit. Very short. Something about my little sister getting married, or, Thanksgiving, or, I dont know, just for fun. Saddly, I will be leaving Heather behind since it is really expensive to go home for us lowly volunteers. She might go on turtle patrol without me during that time though, which is also very sad. But these are sad times and this is all just talk right now.

As for work, things are really moving along. We are working better with our counter-parts than we ever have, meaning that they are actually making an effort to include us in their activities instead of us doing all of the coordinating. This is a huge step as many of the volunteers are never fortunate enough to develope a real working relationship with their colleagues. We are very lucky. We helped out with a Health Fair at one of the outlying communities. I gave some "charlas" about AIDS and higiene while heather helped one of the nurses with the pap tests. I think I definitely got the better deal.

We helped Agustín (my colleague) with the Ministry of Health radio program this past week. MINSA has a half hour twice a week to give an educational talk. We took over on Thursday because he was in a community. We talked about ITS (STD´s) since Heather and the nurse noticed a pattern during the Health Fair. We are starting to work with our youth health promotor group on forming our own radio program that the youth can run once a week. I hope it works out.

The Hacky-sac project is slow-going, but I´m getting better. I promote playing hacky-sac like a fat man promotes home-fitness equipment.

We are a little short on time today because Heather has been changing her email and I have been looking at flights from managua during the busiest travel week of the year (thanks a lot Karol). Ouch! So forgive the brevity of this entry.

Art club is fun. We have given an assignment this week to construct a piece of art from garbage.

I hope we will have some photos of them to post next week. We have to come into town Saturday for a meeting so we should have more time to write more of our zainy antics.

Thanks again for all of the support. Srishti, we got your spices!!! Yum! Thank you so much. We were very excited and hopefully soon we will have some pictures of their use.

Congratulations Karol on your engagement and to Zak for being smart enough to propose to a Fluckiger!! ha!

Congratulations to Jason and Jessica too! and welcome to earth Miles!!

Sometimes trees are big here. That little bug at the bottom is actually Heather!

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SrishtiArt said...

Thanks goodness.... you got the spices!!!
I was just about to email and ask!
I will start posting some recipes from the cook cd here on your blog.
Also will be populating my food blog with more of my own/favourite recipes soon. Just have been so busy with the summer, it's been maddening :O
I am glad you guys are settling in :) and feeling more at home :D
Keep having fun