Saturday, August 30, 2008

dead things

This week we spend a lot of time looking for a REALLY stinky dead mouse in our house, and it turned out to be a dead baby pigeon on the roof, so I had to get on the shoddy tin roof with barely any two by fours beneath it and scoop it off into the ditch. It was sssuuuuper gross with maggots and everything. I felt kind of bad for the brother that had to think the whole new world it lived in stunk like ..... dead brother! Sad.

I would like to take a moment to talk about lizards. There are lizards all over here in our house. Those of you who know me, know that this is ALWAYS very exciting for me, even after seeing like thirty a day. They are very cute, even when they watch you in the bathroom! I thought that the little tirds that were EVERYWHERE in the house were only from mice, until I got pooed on one day sitting under the eves at the Casa Materna. I looked up to see one LIFTING ITS TAIL!! I mean, have you ever seen a lizard lift its freakin tail. I have to admit that even that was cute. There is some disagreement about what they are called. Some people call them Escorpios, not to be confused with the english word scorpion, and some people call them, perozampopos. I call them escorpios because that seems to be the most agreed on name, and its easier to say. Anyway, we had this special guy, one different than any we had EVER seen. Here is a picture of him. As you can see, he was not just grey, but black and white and with the craziest frog like back legs you have ever seen! He showed up occasionally in our house. He came yesterday and I was very excited to see him again. We named him the dragon because of the way he hopped. I took this picture and then not an hour later, we accidentally killed him. We shut him in the window when we closed it and ..... that was the saddest thing almost, that I have ever seen. SO, this is a tribute to the dragon lizard that lived in our home sometimes. We really admired your legs.

We have done quite a bit of cooking as usual, we made real pesto with our basil and some pinenuts that someone brought our sitemate. I assure you it was exquisite. Also I made some bbq from my home processed soya which was really good. Its hard to see that that is what this is, but ... its bbq!

Also this is a painting I finished a few weeks ago. Its my first in a really long time. I know it isnt a kory fluckiger orginal, but its cute. (Wow I say cute a lot.)

If any of you are wondering.. hmm, what can I send those crazy kids? Well, you can send us used young reader books in spanish. (The kind that are stories, like harry potter, but we already have harry potter number one and moby dick.) We plan to read them to better our spanish, and leave them at the library here. There are almost no books in Nicaragua. They are really expensive here. Sooooo. thats all. We love you all!

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So sory about the lizard, guys!!!
The pesto and BBQ looks yummy!
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