Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Service Training Week

Well, we were in training in Estelí for the week with our Nicaraguan colegues receiving training on Community Banks, which if we do one I will explain more, but basically its getting a group of people together and pooling their money every month in a lockbox and lending it out to members and gaining interest and then at the end of the specified term, everybody gets their money back plus interest and get to learn about saving money and also having money available to borrow IN their community for little things. It sounds very interesting. Also we talked about doing pre and post interviews for AIDS tests. We are going to train out health center staff to do this.We also had the chance to hang out with some friends up in Madriz. This is their ¨easy bake oven¨which, yes, they really use. We made bread and pasta and awsome tacos. Matt made us pancakes with red bean paste, sour creme and honey. I know it sounds attrocious, but it was really good. This is their dog Astro which they got shortley after arriving in the site. The little black specs in the bowel are ticks that they just picked off him. THEY DO THIS EVERY NIGHT! Troupers I tell you. But this is why we do not have a pet!
We also saw our first turantula (Balls, I cant spell that). Anyway. FULL ON, this guy was just crawling around in their back yard that night! He wasnt huge, but he was about an inch and a half! I was going to catch him, but could not find a sufficient recipient and he got away.
We made a bon fire in their back yard and roasted smores! The marshmallos were flavored, but thats ok. They were good! We had a good time!

Today is a holiday here and so tomarrow we have off. We have nicaraguan guests coming and so I have to think of what to cook them! I promised something from soya. BUT MAN! Nicaraguans are some picky people! They think that the weirdest things make them sick. So its a challenge. Well. Also, kory bought his plane ticket. He says thanks to all that helped him, it was very helpful (redundancy.. I know) Well. Over and out.


The Fluckigers said...

Hey bro! We have a blog now too.

Also I need your help building a spider this Halloween in my yard like yours last year. Step by step instructions would rule. Hope all is well, we sent you a whole slew of mail a couple of months ago but haven't seen anything on your blog about it yet so let us know if you got them would ya.

Be safe!


The Varbles said...

Heather I don't know if your sisters told you about how I scared the crap out of them??? I am working for Winder Farms right now and I was at a Farmers Market in Bountiful. Your sisters walked past my booth and one of them asked me for a brochure about Winder's products. As I was going through my sales pitch one of them (can't remember her name) said she wanted to get the service but she was going on vacation to see her sister... so I asked where that was. She told me in Nicaragua. Then I said is that Heather? You should've seen their faces when I dropped Corey's name. I think they just about craped themselves. Their faces turned bright red :) I let them fret for a minute then I told them who I was. Then they thought it would be fun to take a picture of me and your neice. She is so cute! Hope all is well with you guys.


Becky said...

Ya Kevin freaked us out a little. LOL. Did you get the pic we took of hom with Kai? We thought you might be a little jealous. Anyways, I joined the dark side and created my own blog so I can keep you all up to date when I go to china. Since i'm not creative I just copied your address a little bit.

Seth Dani & kaylie said...

hey I'm sorry I missed your call but I was in a training class in Sacramento