Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, the holiday season is upon us, even if we are unable to fully celebrate in lou of leaving on January 6th. However we did find time to make some fabulous gingerbread houses;

This one is my rendition of our low impact woodland home made with straw bale construction and and earthen roof.

Korys version of the gingerbread is reminiscent of an island painting made by a famous artist who likes mizgigs and trambleshoots in his whimsical drawings

Jessica, Jason, Brooke, Matt, Kory and Heather wish you all a merry Christmas!

Kory and I at the Hospice For Utah Christmas party

Julia and Enoch making candy. Looks delish doesn't it?

This is the terrifying drive coming down from Snowbird in the civic. It was a beautiful site even though we had to drive in first gear all the way!

And finally, we build our yearly, abstract snow sculptures.... they later had to be torn down to preserve the innocence of the gramercy dwellers after taking on a more ..."riske" shape.

Well, ya'll we hope you have a merry Christmas. It is the last time we will see snow for a couple of years.. I will try not to be broken up about this. I say this in sarcasm, but we probably will miss it. It can be lovely. We will be packing for a few more weeks. We have 17 days left to go!

As for those who are curious about heathers passport situation, it is still shite. But, It just might happen. Keep praying!

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