Friday, December 28, 2007

Heathers book, "mementos of divide" now available for purchase!

My book "mementos of divide" is now available for purchase.

This book is the a photographic documentary about illegal immigration and the border reality. The book is available for print cost only. No profits will be made from the sale of this book in any way shape or form. I began this endeavor to share the reality of those who cross the border with people in united states. It is but my humble opinion.

You should know that the print quality is quite substandard, but being that we are leaving in 8 days I do not have time to work with another publisher. When I come back, I hope to have copies available that are of greater print quality. In the mean time, I have worked very hard to make this book available before we leave. I will not have a chance to get a second proof, so if you notice anything wrong with the printing of the book, please let me know. Well, with great pleasure, I present to you:

mementos of divide,
by heather mckinnon, 2007

(or go to and search for "mementos of divide")

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