Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More information about Nicaragua, in case you care...

So friends, there are a scant 11 days left until we depart. Christmas is now over and we can concentrate on leaving. We still have our green civic left to sell which is very sad, but we just did a preliminary tax evaluation and found that we will not owe money this year which is a huge relief. The passport situation is still not sorted out all the way. Today (wednesday) I was supposed to find out, but we never got a call back. Maybe tomorrow. BUT, we are moving on with plans.. as if we could hold off anyway with 11 days left. I think we have everything we need now, except a travel iron (lightweight), we have sold lots of things and farmed others out for babysitting.. (we are keeping a list so dont try to sell our stuff on ebay while we are gone). We kindof want to have an open house on saturday the 5th, but we are unsure of the details since our house will be empty.

Anyway, I thought I would post some more information we have learned about peace corps in Nicaragua. you can read through if you have time, its pretty much the information we have been given. I know this will entertain only a few people. Here is a link

Also, some facts we wanted to share with people that we have recently learned of:
-Nicaragua is the the 2nd poorest country in this hemisphere (Haiti 1st).
-Nicaragua has the least people per square mile out of all the countries in Central America at 35 people per square mile. El Salvador has the highest at 288 ppsm.
-Nicaragua was also ranked the safest country in Central America. El Salvador (again its opposite) came in first because of all the gang problems.
-Peace Corps has had volunteers back in Nicaragua since 1991. They do not place volunteers in countries that have political unrest.

Well. Thats all for today. We had a very fruitful day and so we are off to celebrate. (Which means watch a movie probably.)

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