Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi. I ditched Heather today to come to Matagalpa. Actually, I am here to drop off a poo sample to the laboratory so they can check it and tell me what kind of animalitos are living in my body. Heather is feeling better and working hard in La Dalia. Thanks for the chocolate Teresa! However, since my family never sends me any mail, everything is addressed to Heather all of the time, and if I come here alone, they give me hell to pick it up. I had to take the slip and go get a srawberry soy-milkshake while I forged my wife´s signature on an official post office document! I may just eat all of the chocolate before I go back to La Dalia.

Anyway, all is well. Teaching in the schools is basically hell on earth, but managable. We have a big regional meeting next week (on our four-year anniversary!) where we are going to try to arrange to get free condom boxes for the bars and hotels arround La Dalia. We are supposed to promote condom use to prevent the spread of HIV but the "free" condoms in the health center are a real hastle to acquire.

As far as the rain, I have made a discovery. Heavy rain on a tin roof is only romantic in movies on Lifetime. In reality, it is more like a freight train driving through your skull, ... in a big hurry, ... like it´s late for the ark. ... yeah, Noah´s.

Speaking of Noah´s ark, any idea where I can get my hands on the plans, or at least a conversion chart for cubits? You know, just in case....?

Speaking of plans, I am working on plans to build a ceiling fan that is operated by swinging in the hammock. However, since I could see my breath this morning, I am in no big hurry.

Speaking of hurry,... just kidding.

Well, I hope all is well with the world. It would be nice to hear from some of you.


Emble said...

Hello my darling PeaceCorps heroes! I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog on a regular basis and really love that you take the time to share your adventures with all of us up north. A few exciting things to tell you:
#1. I will be sending you a package very soon. If you have any specific requests (beyond the list on the blog), please post and I will make it my mission to fulfill your wishes. If you still want seeds for your garden (is it too late to plant most things there?), I go to a very neat little shop that sells organic seeds of all sorts.
#2. Obama has won, as of today, the Democratic nomination.
#3. In case nobody has told you, Samantha Natalie Bush was born yesterday morning. Very exciting, indeed! All went very smoothly and she looks exactly like Tob did.
#4. I think you two are a couple of the coolest people I know.
#5. The commuter rail from SLC to O-town has been open for about a month now. It is freakin' awesome. Super quiet and smooth. Internet access. A potty in every car. Double-decker. It is lots of fun.
#6. This isn't good news, but will give you some insight into how things have changed in the short amount of time since you've been gone: Gasoline, the cheapest unleaded kind, is $3.90 a damn gallon! And that is at Costco for the love of pete!
#7. I'm busier than I've ever been in my life, but I'm super happy. Our exciting news will come with the package I'm sending you. ;)

Anyway, I miss you both. Keep on posting. Hang in there. . .hurricanes and all. (I had no idea there was a hurricane down there. Stupid news.)

Much love!


M. Douglas said...

Kory and Heather,

Just want you both to know that you're in our prayers often. It seems like all is going well in the jungle, sicknesses notwithstanding. Just remember to add us to your list of people who admire and wish the best for you.

Wendy, Ethan and I are doing well. We're off to Purdue this fall. We'll continue to keep in touch over there.

All the best,

Mario and Wendy

Anonymous said...

I think of you often. I'm making an offer on a house today. It absolutely mortifies me. I thought about going to Lagoon today but it's raining. I check your blog almost daily and I can't help but smile most of the time...it's one of those obnoxious motherly smiles. You're doing great!


Karen Christensen said...

Kory and Heather-
I took a class from you in Ogden, held at the Michaels store. I have loved your work (Kory) since I saw your book at the Box Elder County Fair. I knew you were leaving, but didn't know you had a blog until today, when I checked out your website to see if you have been doing anything new. It sounds like you are having an adventure of a lifetime. I hope all is well with you both ( especially I hope you are over the illness). I hope you don't mind me checking up once in a while, just to see how you both are doing over there. It's good to see that there are people who will get out of their safety places and help other people. Good luck in the future, and I hope you learn how to make your chocolate, it's hard not to have it when you want it!

Bryan & Sundee said...

hello Heather and Kory! That is so cool what you guys are doing. What a fun adventure! sundee dow Haywood