Monday, June 30, 2008

We finally leave our site!

We are in Managua right now, finally ... leaving our site. It feels great! We have a language training this week and get to go back and live with heathers host family in Carazo. That will be fun! Today is korys birthday.. not just his birthday but his GOLDEN birthday.. which means he is turning 30 on the 30th! Yikes! He looks cuter than ever! We are at the peacecorps office and have forgotten our camera card so I cant put pictures on. We will update more about this week later. We had a really great AIDS tournament and I will talk about it when I put pictures on. It was a riot! Well, update to come. Love heather


Jared and Shannon Allen Family said...

Heather- your hair is so long! Hey- we took pictures at Gramercy Gab the other night. Look on my blog to see them!

SrishtiArt said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kory!!! Yay!!! So you guys want recipes for Indian food!!! Would you like me to post them right here on your blog? Do you have indian spices and such.... Let me know :)