Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sickness and hurricanes

Well, as you know I became ill while writing the last blog and we were both sick all last week. The flu. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Bladder infection. Nausea. Fever. Chills. Skin hurts. World is sad. But the good news is that we are feeling better than ever.. almost. We survived our first hurricane. For those of you who did not know there was a hurricane in nicaragua.. because not one person seemed worried about us enough to even ask if we were ok, we assume you did not know. Dont worry. We did not live through any treachury. Our freshley washed underware that remained wet on the line, unsuspecting of hurricanes, for two days. We just had a crazy amount of rain. Its funny how the first day of the rainy season was a hurricane. We did have a banana tree down though which was quite sad. I did however take the opportunity to try out my new rainboots and machete to chop it all up and compost it. I also found that my machete sharpening skills were somewhat lacking. I sharpened it the way you think you should sharpen a two and a half foot blad with a small stone, not the way my brother taught me back in woodruff to sharpen a pocketknife. I think it takes a lot more time and patience. Kory took the machete out immediatley looking for a branch to chop to make a pullup bar. Our crazy neighbor Enicifero was over the fence yelling instructions for him. Since we can never understand him, and other nicas cannot as well, we just laughed. We did make out that he was saying ¨hard, hard¨! We thought that was obvious. We are thinking of asking him to show us how to sharpen the thing.

Im including some pictures of some activities we did with a youthgroup out in the country, and some of the murals we have made that are in the Casa Materna.

Well not much to add this week. No crazy cooking adventures this week, we only ate white bread and crackers.

we miss you all. Spencer we will send a picture of our bathroom where we spent lots of time. Sorry for the disruption of service!


Erin said...

I knew there was a hurricane in Nicaragua! But I knew you kids would tough it out so I didn't inquire to see if you were ok or not. Just wait, this is the beginning of likely many hurricanes for you guys. And having to be in the peace corps with all their "consolidation" and "standfast" makes it an even more royal pain....

Isn't the crazy man next door a riot? I challenge you to find a blade of grass in front of his house or yours. Amazing.

Megs said...

I'm glad you guys survived the hurricane and are feeling better :)